BroCo Products Inc.

BroCo Western Reserve Division

BroCo Products acquired all assets of Western Reserve Chemicals in the 1990's. Products include corrosion / scale removers, paintable sealants, rust converters, corrosion inhibitors, and drawing & stamping lubricants.

Product Name Description
Manganesed Phospholene #7 Concentrate When mixed with up to 1 Gal. of water, the Concentrate makes a solution of our regular Manganesed Phospholene #7 as above. Available in 1 Gal. Bottles & Drums
Manganesed Phospholene #7 Rust Removal/ Metal Condition An easily applied, ready-to-use, stable liquid which dissolves rust, corrosion and scale stain from steel, copper, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, brass, marble, magnesium, porcelain, concrete, granite and other materials. Cleans metal and other substances. Combines chemically with metal, leaving a smooth phosphate coating ready to accept paint or other coatings. Meets military specifications. Available in 1 Gal. Bottles & Drums
Phospholene #20 Rust Inhibitor A water soluble, non-oily, paintable, non-dimensional, indoor storage ferrous rust inhibitor for use after pickling, heat treat clean-up, stripping, rebuilding, sand blasting and degreasing. Frees your plant from oil drippage in rust protection and makes inspection easier. Available in 1 Gal. Bottles & Drums
Phospholene P-23-G Corrosion Inhibitor A water soluble, non-oily corrosion inhibitor, excellent indoor protection on steel, copper, brass, aluminum and plated parts that have unplated surfaces, such as tubes. Available in 1 Gal. Bottles & Drums
Phospholube Quickdraw Deep Drawing & Stamping Compound A water reducible, biodegradable, deep drawing (such as washer and dryer parts) and stamping lubricant designed to provide easy drawing and stamping without the problems of waste disposal or accidental spills from petroleum-based lubricants. Can be diluted with water; for drawing, the greater the severity of the draw, the more concentrated the solution (3:1 for normal use). For stamping, greater dilution (5:1 ) is recommended. Available in Pails & Drums
Task Force 5080 Rust Converter & Blackener for Ferrous A one-step blackener and rust converter preparation. Remove loose rust and scale or just clean the surface. Apply Task Force 5080, allow to dry completely to blueblack. Prevents further rusting and provides a smooth base for paint, if desired. Available in 1 Gal. Bottles & Drums

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