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The Stuff®

BroCo Products developed a unique group of materials for use in cleaning, brightnening, and preparing metals for subsequent coatings. Fabricators have found this line of products invaluable as both a pre-surface treatment prior to welding as well as a weld stain remover. The ability to activate surfaces (removing rust and other oxides) make this line of products an excellent choice for paint and powder pretreatment.

Product Name Description
The Stuff® For Aluminum Easy to apply liquid cleans, brightens, deoxidizes aluminum surfaces. Provides a smooth satiny finish that readily accepts paint and other protective coatings. Excellent preparation for welding. Removes black weld stains. Available in Pints, Pails & Drums
The Stuff® For Rust Water displacing, fingerprint neutralizing rust preventative. Use as received for long term indoor rust protection. Available in 5 Gal. Pails
The Stuff® For Stainless Steel Powerful scouring powder cleans, brightens stainless and plated surfaces. Removes corrosion from plated surfaces. Widely used on stainless swimming pool surfaces. Removes weld, heat stains from stainless. Available in Bottles & 40 lb. Pails
The Stuff® For Steel Easy to apply liquid cleans and reconditions all steel surfaces. Dissolves rust and corrosion. Washes away weld stains, dirt, grease, grime, oil, crayon marks. Paint adhesion is improved. Peeling of paint caused by surface contaminants is eliminated. Available in Pints, Pails & Drums
The Stuff

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