BroCo Products Inc.

BroCo Specialty Chemicals

BroCo Products formulates and manufactures a diverse array of specialty chemistries for industry. A BroCo representative should be contacted for a complete process review for appropriate chemistry recommendations.

Product Name Description
BroCo 402RP-Solvent Replacement Parts no longer need to be cleaned with solvent. Mix BroCo 402RP 25-30% by volume with water. Cleans steel, copper, brass, aluminum, plastic, painted parts, etc. No rinsing necessary. Corrosion inhibiting film left on parts. Available in 5 Gal. Pails & Drums
BroCo BB Special A Copper & Brass Inhibitor Use after bright dipping or machining copper and brass. Long term corrosion protection resulting from chemical reaction with the metal surface. No residual film. Available in 5 Gal. Pails & Drums
BroCo Machine Cleaner Mixed with water 3-10% volume and circulated through the machine system to thoroughly clean and help to prevent rancidity. Available in 5 Gal. Pails and Drums
BroCo RP-65 (Dry Film Rust Preventative) For ferrous surfaces. Use as received. Displaces water. Excellent long term indoor rust protection, as film is dry - will not attract dust. Available in 5 Gal. Pails & Drums

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