BroCo Products Inc.

BrocCo History

There was a time when BroCo was known as R. W Renton & Company. . That name goes back to 1946, when Bob Renton founded the company as a distributor of metal finishing supplies and equipment. For a while, he made his own buffing compounds and coated racks. He even made wet blasting cabinets, some of which are still in use today.

In 1968, present management bought the company and operated it as R. W RentonBrown & Co. As you can see, the company has changed considerably. The name was changed to BroCo Products, Inc. in 1972, and from that time on, the company marketed its own cleaning compounds, phosphating materials, tumbling and deburring compounds, corrosion removal and preventive materials, processing oils and specialty chemicals used in a variety of industries.

The last 50 years have seen many changes in our industry. BroCo has met those challenges with an unwavering commitment to excellence in customer service and new product development. The performance of our products has brought BroCo an outstanding reputation throughout the industrial community.

While once BroCo was a local distributor, today its products are used all over the world. Our marketing efforts are directed through highly specialized regional distributors.

Customers rely on our responsive technical support and value the interactive relationships formed with our field representatives. In the specialized environment we are in, our ability to formulate new products gives our customers the competitive edge.

BroCo specialty chemicals find uses in the metal finishing industry, the welding industry and the recreation industry, just to mention a few. Regardless of what industry is involved, quality and service are the most important ingredients we have to sell. Our customers get a lot of both with every item they purchase.

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