BroCo Products Inc.

BroCo Aluminum Processing Chemicals

BroCo Products formulates and manufactures chemistries used in the cleaning, activating (desmutting & deoxidizing), and passivating aluminum surfaces. Beyond general cleaning applications, BroCo materials find use in process lines that include pretreatment for paint, powder coat, plating, and chromate conversion coating. BroCo has an in depth understanding of the diverse demands necessary aluminum alloy surface traetment. A BroCo representative should be contacted for a complete process review for appropriate chemistry recommendations.

Product Name Description
BroCo 269 Liquid chromate conversion coating for aluminum
BroCo 50-L-3 Alkaline etch (liquid) with mist suppressant foam blanket
BroCo 51,533 Acid cleaners/deoxidizers - with varying amounts of detergent
BroCo 5700W Alkaline etch (powder) with mist suppressant foam blanket
BroCo 893-M Deoxidizer & desmutter (non-chromated/liquid)
BroCo Deox 4 Deoxidizer & desmutter (chromated/powder)
BroCo The Stuff® for Aluminum
BroCo TSA Acid cleaner/deoxidizer concentrate for aluminum
BroCo Zincate 16 Zincate for aluminum

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